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How to Make a Great First Impression in Morocco

How to Make a Great First Impression in Morocco

Read Your Way Through Tangier, Morocco


When planning a tour of Tangier, be sure to go for a good hotel and take advantage of the city’s nightlife.

If you’ve always dreamt of taking a vacation in Morocco, this seemingly endless stretch of beaches, mountains, and white-sand coasts is one of the ideal destinations. If you’re looking to add another dimension to your trips to Morocco, and you want to explore every corner of this country without paying the high costs of a tour, you’re in luck.

Tangier, one of the oldest cities in the country, was recently recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The city is a living museum to one of the five continents, with the beautiful Berber architecture, as well as a fascinating history full of tales of Muslim invaders from the North of the past. If you’re looking for a taste of Morocco that’s completely free, you’re going to love this city.

From Morocco’s southern coast to the northern tip of the Atlantic, from the Berber desert to its beaches, the trip is not over. The city’s ancient history makes it a must-see, as does its nightlife.

Don’t Let Your First Impression Suck You In

When your first trip as a tourist, you’re not used to being away from home and seeing foreign cities. You might be able to find yourself in a town far from your country’s capital, but when you see one of those “real” cities, you begin to get familiar with the different rhythms of city life.

That’s why you’re going to find yourself in a city different from what you saw in the guide and on your map.

The first impression that you get from the city you’re visiting is going to be different from the first impression you’re getting from a guide book’s pictures. Don’t let your first impression get you in a box, and try to make a good first impression by being curious and attentive to all the sights you’re going to be visiting. Keep in mind that this trip is about the people and their culture.

Where Is Tangier

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