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John Delaney’s vehicle was on fire after a police officer called to investigate it

John Delaney’s vehicle was on fire after a police officer called to investigate it

Vehicles rented to protect Biden catch fire on Nantucket

A rented vehicle was on fire after an encounter with two Massachusetts State Police troopers outside of the Nantucket police station. The rental was being used to protect Rep. John Delaney, D-Md., the former congressman who is on a fundraising swing through the Ocean State, WV.

Delaney is the Democratic nominee for the 2020 U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia, which is currently held by Republican incumbent Joe Manchin. There is speculation that Delaney may have hired a third party driver to drive him to the Nantucket police station, as his Senate campaign team has been working with WVU students to use the state’s criminal history records to help their candidate, a tactic familiar to local Democrats.

Manchin’s campaign has denied that any such interactions took place, a denial which is echoed by Delaney’s staff.

Earlier in the week, Delaney and his campaign manager, Dan Halvorson, confirmed the story to Fox News, saying Delaney and his campaign learned of the situation after they pulled up to the police station.

Fox News, which has covered the incident extensively, later confirmed with the West Virginia State Police that their troopers had been called to investigate a suspicious vehicle at the police station on July 30. In that video, they can be heard asking the vehicle’s driver to produce identification. The driver, while admitting that his name is John Delaney, refused to do so, according to a state police official.

The troopers used the information they learned from Delaney’s campaign to put a stop to the incident as soon as they were off duty, said state police spokesman Capt. David Prose.

The vehicle had been rented to Delaney by his campaign in June, and was being used to transport the lawmaker after he visited his senatorial campaign offices at WVU that day, according to Delaney’s press secretary, Dan Grabauskas.

Delaney was also on the campaign plane when it landed at the WVU campus,

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