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Qatar 2022 World Cup — a big deal for Qatar

Qatar 2022 World Cup — a big deal for Qatar

Qatar’s vast wealth helps it host FIFA World Cup of 2022


The Qatar 2022 tournament promises to be a massive sporting extravaganza, with the world’s most populous country having the largest football population on Earth at a population of more than one million. But some wonder how Qatar’s wealth will help make the tournament a success.

The World Cup of 2022 will take place in the Gulf country, which is rich in oil and sits at the centre of the world’s energy industry. That’s no surprise, because it’s known for hosting the biggest summer Olympic Games in history in 2012.

“There is a lot of excitement with the Qatar 2022 World Cup and many people from the UK want to play host,” said a member of Qatar 2022’s executive committee on the eve of the group’s annual meeting in Doha.

“For this huge event, the Qatar people have set the standards to ensure that it is one of the best World Cups ever hosted. I’ve never seen such a wide range of high quality stadiums.”

For many, the World Cup of 2022 is the most important football event for the coming year. And from the outset, Qatar’s hosting of the tournament on the peninsula has been met with enthusiasm.

It was announced last year that the capital would host the opening ceremony. And that Qatar would have at least one stadium built with a capacity of 80,000.

“We’ve set out the criteria for the stadiums, we’ve already had stadiums built and now we’re working to finalise them,” said a member of Qatar 2022’s executive committee. “Our aim is to make sure they’re all built for the future.”

Qatar’s infrastructure is vast, covering vast distances of land and water and encompassing much of the Middle East’s energy industry. So much so that there is little doubt that the tournament will be a success.

“For anyone who knows anything about football, or for anyone who has been to a World Cup, whether it’s America or Spain or Russia or anywhere, the stadiums

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