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The Death of PnB Rock

The Death of PnB Rock

‘You’re obviously a target’: Rappers rethink security protocols in wake of PnB Rock killing

The death of 18 year old rapper PnB Rock in a drive-by shooting in California has drawn a lot of attention from law enforcement across the country; here’s what the musician had to say about the incident.

In the wake of the California shooting where rapper PnB Rock was killed by a drive-by shooting, radio personalities have begun considering how to deal with what they fear could be a serious threat to their music.

The 16-year-old was killed last Saturday when he was struck by two bullets as he got out of a car, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

As people and agencies continue to discuss the impact of the shooting, the issue of music and security has not come up.

While there have been many media and social media posts questioning why the young rapper was carrying a gun, there has been far less discussion about security practices at concerts.

A handful of musicians we spoke to have said the problem is the lack of security precautions taken by the promoter, event staff, security company, security guards, etc. They’re concerned that something like this could happen, or that the lack of precautions may end up putting the victims of the crime in more danger of being shot.

We began by looking at the circumstances surrounding the shooting. Here are the details about what led to the shooting that killed 18-year-old PnB Rock, who was reportedly driving a black Infiniti sport utility vehicle.

At the time of the shooting there was a fight on the club’s parking lot.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Busch said the victim apparently was involved in an altercation with someone in a white Infiniti sport utility vehicle before he made his way to the parking lot.

“He came walking out of the parking lot and the other car was moving slowly in and out of the parking lot,” Busch said. “So, he came out of the parking lot and was confronted by somebody in the white Infiniti in the parking lot

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