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The GOP’s Worst Fears Have Come True

The GOP’s Worst Fears Have Come True

Granderson: ‘They go low, we go high’? Great plan. But have you seen how low Republicans will go?

After this week’s special election in MI, we begin to see the extent to which the GOP’s strategy of attacking Democrats in every wedge-issue comes back to bite them. The party can never truly make it up with money or power, and the party’s base needs to keep the faith, as it has done throughout their history, but there are times when it is necessary to cut hard.

Democrats are taking a hard turn in a number of states where Obama won in 2008 and 2012. In many states where the GOP has lost seats, the Republicans are in danger of losing the entire state legislature or even getting voted out of office.

As usual, the media is covering this story with as much enthusiasm as it did when the GOP controlled the House. Even the left-wing Huffington Post put out an editorial about the special House elections last Friday, with the headline, “The GOP’s worst fears seem to have come true.”

Let’s review:

1. Republicans will lose key districts in Missouri and Nevada, just as we predicted before the election. (UPDATE: The GOP can’t lose in Missouri right now, but it keeps threatening to do so.)

2. Republicans in West Virginia, Montana and South Dakota will lose seats. (UPDATE: The Republicans in West Virginia will keep their D seat with the help of some good fundraising.)

3. Republicans in Arizona and New Hampshire will lose seats. (UPDATE: The Republicans in New Hampshire keep their D seat.)

4. Republicans in Kansas, Colorado and Arkansas will lose seats. (UPDATE: The Republicans in Kansas keep their D seat.)

5. Republicans in Hawaii will lose seats. (UPDATE: The Republicans in Hawaii will keep their D seat.)

The same Democrats who predicted a landslide for President Obama are going to have a very different outlook after Tuesday’s special House elections, as the GOP is going to lose seats in a number of districts they have already lost. In fact, the number of seats that GOP members will lose is probably even more significant than the number of states that won by Obama.

In the past, Republicans lost seats after the election because of seat losses in the congressional delegations they had won. So,

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