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The team decided to skip the challenge and come back at another time

The team decided to skip the challenge and come back at another time

They came up with plans to prevent suicide and tackle climate change. Then on Day 4 of the reality TV challenge came a final twist: they had to choose a day to die; this particular day was Tuesday, 28th September 2017. If they couldn’t make it through the next 24 hours, they were allowed to go back and complete the challenge.

The team started by having a conversation to plan their day, working out the logistics between them and working on the challenge.

Sara’s dad went in first, and then the rest of the team sat down to discuss where they were in their respective challenges. “We were quite low in energy the whole day, so we decided to not take anything from the challenge, just see how we would do in our day to day lives,” she explains.

Having planned days to work on their own routines, the team didn’t see any real reasons why they should give up right away. “When you’re in a job where you have to be on time, at your job and you need to go to an office where you get to work and all that, and you’re not allowed to take any breaks,” says Sara. “You’re not on time to see your family, you’re not allowed to have any fun.”

So, they decided to skip the challenge and come back at another time. “I feel super lucky that I didn’t die at a certain time, and I think it turned out great,” says Lara, who finished up the challenge with a good result. “I think it was a real positive for all the teams to do, that someone had to die, it was a moment for all of us, it was a huge experience, I had a huge emotional reaction to it and I’m glad that we didn’t die at that time because that would have been too much of a waste.”

Watching the team complete the challenge and then leave, Lara could definitely feel their excitement. “I really feel so happy to see that they were able to get through that challenge,” she said.

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