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The two victims were found dead in an Airbnb apartment in Mexico City

The two victims were found dead in an Airbnb apartment in Mexico City

Three Americans found dead from carbon monoxide poisoning at Mexico City Airbnb, official says

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Authorities in Mexico City on Tuesday discovered the two Americans who died after exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning at an Airbnb property in the city, the state police and local authorities said.

A police statement said the bodies of the two men, both in their 20s, were found at the home near the international airport.

It said the two men had been found in the kitchen and that the apartment was not equipped with air conditioning.

National Public Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo said the victims had died of the chemical compound, which officials had not been able to determine the cause of. Police said it was still being investigated.


Durazo said the bodies had been located in the kitchen and that air conditioning had not been installed at the apartment.

The statement did not give a time of death, noting that a preliminary investigation into the crime was under way.

The owners of the property where the victims died said they were unaware that anyone else had stayed there.

“We haven’t had any guests here in three years,” the woman whose name was not released told reporters.

Police and media said the man found dead in the apartment was a U.S. citizen, while a second man who was found dead in the kitchen was Mexican, with the victim’s identity still unknown.


The victims had last been seen on the second day of their trip to Mexico, having left the U.S. on Sept. 25.

The Airbnb property is on the second floor of a building on a private street, away from major roads where residents and tourists gather during Mexico City’s summer high season.

A spokesperson said it was unable to comment when asked if the Airbnb property had been registered at the time the two men died.

“We have no record of the guests that have stayed over the last three years in a room,” she said.


The spokesman, Guadalupe Arjona, confirmed a media report that the deceased were American but declined to give additional details.

A photo of the bedroom showed a sign reading “No smoking”.

According to the report, the two men had stayed for 11 days in the room at the property,

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