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The US Government’s Aggressive Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The US Government’s Aggressive Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Republicans can’t miss the moment to hold COVID regimes accountable

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The Right’s worst nightmare: the COVID-19 lockdown

By Jason Poulson

05 March 2020

The virus has taken over the world. Despite the best efforts of the US and European governments and the UN to protect their populations, the virus continues to spread exponentially.

As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the globe, the US government, in its response to the global crisis, has not taken the first step to protect its citizens. That is to say, the US government’s response to the worldwide virus crisis so far has been far more aggressive than it deserves.

This aggressive response has been justified by the President’s public call for Americans to practice preventive measures such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing. “I am not telling you the government can’t do something,” the President said during a Rose Garden news conference Tuesday. “It can, and I think we should do a lot better than I’m doing right now.”

The US government has not done a very good job of protecting the public or its citizens from the virus. In fact, they have not done anything to prevent the virus – not even the slightest degree. They are only preventing the virus from becoming worse, not preventing it from spreading.

As more and more health care workers have come down with the virus, the American government has become increasingly aggressive in its efforts to protect its populations. The American government’s aggressive response has been nothing but a farcical pandemic response.

As the virus spread in the US, and a number of countries around the world, the US government took the extraordinary step of declaring a national emergency. The administration initially justified the move by claiming that it was under threat from the “foreign” spread of the virus.

As the virus spread throughout the globe, President Trump initially resisted the international calls for the US to take similar unprecedented action. He then turned around and embraced the idea, stating that it was “necessary” and “necessary to contain the spread.

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