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The Women’s Leaders of the Jubilee

The Women's Leaders of the Jubilee

These are the women breaking new ground in Kenya’s politics.

1. Zainab Salake, a former politician

In her career to date, Zainab Salake has held a number of high office in the country, including serving as the vice-chairperson of Raila Odinga’s defence. She was also elected to the National Assembly on a ticket that ran under her party in 2011, before being thrown out in a no-confidence vote the following year, which would make her the first female legislator since 1993.

2. Margaret Karungi, a former politician

Zainab Salake

Margaret Karungi ran for Vice-President against Kibaki in the 2012 referendum, and was later appointed as a consultant to the government for public transport and road safety and as a special adviser to the cabinet.

3. Rita Muturi, a former politician

Rita Muturi has also served in government roles. She was the National Executive Member representing the women wing of the ruling party during the general election, and the national executive member in the cabinet during the 2013 election.

4. Margaret Mukahwa, a former politician

Margaret Mukahwa led the Women’s League in the 2011 election and was elected as an Assembly member after being appointed as Minister of Women’s Affairs while in power with the women-led party.

5. Margaret Kitui, a former politician

Margaret Kitui served as the Minister of Health in the Jubilee government from 2013. After the election in 2013, Kitui joined forces with Joseph Ole Lenku who ran second in the 2013 election to bring her to the top of the new Jubilee coalition.

6. Grace Kariuki, a former politician

Grace Kariuki was appointed as the president of Women’s League in April 2013, replacing her predecessor, Rita Mukeshimana. She was elected to represent her party again the following year in the Jubilee constituency after her party won the party primaries in May 2013. She currently serves as party secretary general.

7. Esther Kalubi, a

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