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Trump’s Speech Was Not a Threat to the International Order

Trump’s Speech Was Not a Threat to the International Order

Many Flags but No Ivanka Trump

The flags are flying on both sides of the partisan divide, but in other ways no, Donald Trump and his family are not emblematic of American patriotism. When President Trump said he wanted to “bomb the shit” out of North Korea, he didn’t do it with the help of a military operation but with the help of Vladimir Putin, a military operation that involved multiple countries, many of them hostile to the United States.

This weekend, President Trump brought the world to its knees with a speech praising Kim Jong Un and pledging to end America’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accords and return America to the Paris accords. This is exactly what a madman in North Korea wants, and exactly what was promised by Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin. Trump followed this with an announcement of U.S. sanctions against North Korea.

Even if you don’t agree with Trump‘s foreign policy, you have to admit that his speech was both a threat to the international order and an attack on the international order. This is not how you build a nation of free and fair people. A nation of free and fair people would stand for their principles. You can’t attack your neighbor’s business if you have your own to attack, and you can’t violate laws and international accords that are accepted in your own country and not violate them with impunity.

You need to be loyal to those values and your principles if you want to be a free and prosperous nation. Instead, we have a Donald Trump Presidency. This is the Trump Presidency. This is the Donald Trump presidency. This is the Donald Trump presidency.

You can disagree with President Trump’s speech, but it is also a bad speech. It was reckless and a threat to the rule of law. It may have been designed to put the focus of the president’s first foreign visit on himself and his own ego.

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