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Trump’s tweets about Social Security’s shortfall are misleading

Trump’s tweets about Social Security’s shortfall are misleading

White House deletes tweet about Social Security after Twitter adds fact-checker

The White House deleted a tweet early Tuesday morning about Social Security, after President Donald Trump posted a misleading and fact-free analysis of the program.

As we reported, Twitter deleted the tweet late Tuesday and replaced it with a new one that included an official-looking image and a factual statement from the Social Security administration about growing the program’s shortfall.

“This month, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) paid more to beneficiaries in the first quarter than it did during any other five-month period since 2010,” the tweet read. “SSDI paid nearly $1.6 billion more than expected in the first quarter, up from $1.16 billion in April 2018; the biggest monthly increase in more than a decade. Social Security’s annualized monthly payment is growing faster than expected each month, with a 1.2 percent monthly rate of growth.

The tweet was in response to news from the White House Wednesday that Social Security had added an update to its website to update its facts.

“One of the most powerful facts we have had is that Social Security is growing faster each month. We’re still going to do our part, but we’re also increasing the amount of info people see, and it is a fact,” Social Security Secretary Alex S. Halderman said Wednesday.

As NBC News’s Kristen Welker reported, Trump and a White House official made an earlier error when the president tweeted Wednesday morning that Social Security was now adding “millions” to its fund.

“The Social Security Administration added $23 billion to their trust fund last quarter, the first time that has happened in two decades, and that’s happening while you and I are tweeting. The only thing you can say is that you’re a terrible leader!” Trump tweeted Wednesday.

That fact check was one of the more misleading ones the president shared on Twitter.


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