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Why Do People Not Believe Climate Change Is Happening?

Why Do People Not Believe Climate Change Is Happening?

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Climate change is already a reality, and the latest science suggests that human activity, like the weather, is the least of Earth’s problems. But, as author of “Beyond the Peak” and climate change educator, I’m often asked, “Why do people not believe that climate change is occurring?” It’s an often-asked question because it’s rarely answered in the way we’d like.

This paper argues that the answer is that people, like the environment, are not equal. I know this may sound hard to believe, but it’s not. People fall into two categories: the “climate change deniers” and the rest of us. These two camps are often locked in a battle of wills, and sometimes it feels like the entire world is split into two groups.

The Climate Change Deniers

The “climate change deniers” are the people who choose to think of other people’s problems as their own problems.

Climate change deniers do not accept the scientific consensus on climate change. They call climate change deniers the “deniers,” because of their “denial” of climate change. But this is like calling the sky “cloudy.” It’s completely inaccurate – and they know it.

Climate change deniers believe that the world is fine the way it is, and should stay the way it is. They argue that we should leave climate change alone, because we are fine the way we are.

Climate change deniers are not alone. There are a lot, if not everyone, of individuals who believe the same way. However, the climate change deniers are the ones who are the most vocal and public in their calls for the protection of what they consider as their property. And it’s the most vocal and public because they know people will read their words and look at their websites.

Their reasoning for this view is that they’re entitled to their own views. That they’re entitled to their own opinions. And that those opinions are worth the fight.

It is the most obvious argument for the protection of their property. But I would argue it’s not the case that they have a right to their opinions. Because their opinions do not belong to them,

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