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Wu Yibing is the oldest Chinese tennis player to play the US Open in the first round

Wu Yibing is the oldest Chinese tennis player to play the US Open in the first round

Wu Yibing becomes first Chinese man to reach the US Open third round since 1881

Wu Yibing became the first Chinese man to make the US Open third round since 1881, when he lost to American Sam Snead in 1926. Photo: Handout via AP

As the 2018 US Open began, Wu Yibing sat on the baseline at the Shenzhen International Airport waiting for the flight to arrive from San Francisco to his hometown in the Chinese city of Guangzhou, where he will play the first round on Wednesday.

The first round at the Open will be played on Tuesday at the 18,000-seat Shenzhen International Tennis Centre.

Wu Yibing was born in Guangzhou, the capital of the Guangdong province in southern China, to parents who had emigrated from the city of Shanghai. In order to move from his hometown to the Shenzhen centre with no knowledge of English, his father bought him a small book on the history of tennis, which he used to study the match.

“My dad used to go to US Open when he was young and he used to tell me: ‘Wu, you are going to play in the finals of the US Open. I know you will make it to the finals one day. You are going to beat the top players like Djokovic or Federer,’ because I was always interested in tennis,” Wu Yibing said. “I think I inherited my father’s love for tennis.”

Born in the 1980s when the Open was still the US Open, the oldest boys started competing at the age of five and the oldest girls at seven. By the time they finished their tennis training at the Shenzhen International Tennis Centre in 2011, the oldest boys were 18 and the oldest girls were 16.

“It is sad because our training is very tough. Because we play a lot of tournaments, we use a lot of energy on our training,” Wu Yibing said.

When I met Wu Yibing at the airport, my first question was, how was it possible for a young Chinese person like you, who is only in his 20s, to get to the US Open, in the third round, in the first year that the tournament has existed? And then I told

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