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Kyrie Irving Should Be Back in the lineup

Kyrie Irving Should Be Back in the lineup

Kyrie Irving’s Suspension is Lifted, Expected to Return to Nets

According to reports, Knicks rookie guard Kyrie Irving had a sore knee prior to last night’s practice. That caused him to miss the first half of Friday’s practice, where he sat on the bench for about 40 minutes before returning to the game. At the very least, it was a minor setback for him, and he should be able to return to the lineup sometime this weekend after the players were off.

When he does return should Knicks fans be happy or sad?

My answer would be different but still both.

Irving is a great player and his skill level should be the envy of a number of others. There is no doubt about the skill level of Irving, but he still seems to play out of position. When he is not the perimeter shooting guard, he is the shooting guard on the court. However, that does not mean that he is not a true point guard. He already knows it, and they have been working on his offensive game to complement his skill. His play calling can also easily be seen as a point guard point guard.

I think he is very talented but he also seems to only have one or two moves on the court. Now I am not saying that he is not a very good player and a very important part on any team, but you can see where he is at. He seems to have that one jump shot, but that is all that seems to be able to do for him in the game.

He is a guy who can score in bunches, shoot from the outside, and defend very well from the perimeter. He can also drive the ball like a point guard. He can pass, he can kick out to shooters, and even run the offense without the ball. He is able to create a lot of his own points, and will either get in the endzone or end up in the paint.

All this is not to say that he is not a point guard, but you get the vibe from his game that he should be used that way.

I still like him, can still

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