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Roger Federer’s French Open Commentators Aren’t Always There

Roger Federer's French Open Commentators Aren't Always There

The day Roger Federer couldn’t stop laughing at CNN correspondent’s Spanish phrases (which would win over a whole other generation of tennis fans if they didn’t sound just so lame).

I was at the BBC’s launch of their new internet channel, but they were having technical trouble and I decided to leave and catch a live tennis game. I sat down about 20 rows away and could not resist watching the live match. It was great to watch the players’ shots go from a shot that looked like a bad angle of the net and the ball was going backwards, to something like an overhead smash, the ball shooting upwards. The angles of the shots were always brilliant to watch.

I am not a huge fan of tennis, even though I do follow it closely and enjoy watching the game. I think it is a game that can be played pretty well even though it is a very low scoring one for the players.

It is also a game that requires a lot of hand eye coordination and the player’s body movement are highly coordinated.

I thought of writing this when Roger Federer could not stop chuckling at the Spanish commentators. He was laughing at the commentators because they were trying the very hard to be funny but the jokes fell flat. He was laughing at the commentators because they would say something like “bam! Bam! Bam!”, as if they were just shooting a machine gun and saying “Bam!”. Of course that meant the ball was going right next to the net, but the commentators were supposed to be very funny.

He was watching the match on tv, probably with a Spanish commentator on his shoulder to make him laugh.

“He’s going to win that one, so I’m going to watch it live with the Spanish commentators,” Federer said in the French Open. “I’ll keep watching live, just to tell you. Then I’ll go back later.”

I don’t know why nobody ever tells the commentators that they aren’t always there. I think it would have been very funny if Federer had said that to his Spanish commentators.

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