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The Animal Liberation Front

The Animal Liberation Front

Letters to the Editor: Rodeos terrorize animals. You don’t have to be a ‘Marxist’ to see that.

The Animal Liberation Front, aka ALF, is an organization devoted to the abolishment of animal exploitation, regardless of the suffering of the animals involved. The ALF was founded in 1971, in Minneapolis, and has chapters located in major US cities. It is an organization that has been accused of violence, and a few years ago, it was even banned from a high school in Los Angeles, Calif.

The ALF has a reputation for being violent and intimidating, and is known for its extreme opposition to what they see as animal mistreatment. They routinely show up at horse and dog events, and have staged several incidents where wild animals have been set loose to terrorize the audience.

ALF’s goal is to bring animal exploitation under more stringent guidelines for the animal industry, and is known for taking the law into their own hands.

In order to spread awareness about the organization and make it more accessible, the ALF created ALF NewsLetter, a monthly newsletter, available at

The ALF NewsLetter is a very informative and educational newsletter, covering many aspects of the organization’s work. The newsletter was written by ALF member and activist, Rebecca R. Johnson.

The ALF’s mission is to organize and empower people to protect animals and stop the exploitation of animals and people. When an animal is treated inhumanely, the ALF is the organization that stands up for the animal and takes action to protect it.

For example, the ALF staged a demonstration where a horse was given a bucket of water to drink from and then was locked up in a barn with no hay or other rations. This horse was not allowed to drink water that was meant to be fed to other horses in the barn, and it was put to sleep when no one noticed or cared enough to intervene.

The horse was not allowed out of that barn, and was eventually brought to his death, with the owner knowing what was going on, but no one showing up to stop

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